Topic: Configuration parameters for xajax

Hello all,
  I am a beginner in xajax and found that it's extremely flexible to develop web applications using smarty and xajax. I'm not sure whether the feature which I am mentioning is already available in xajax. I would like to  have a configuration parameter  for xajax to set the installation path for xajax. It may be something similar to setting the template path in smarty template engine.  This would be useful if we are sharing a single installation of xajax for multiple applications.


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Re: Configuration parameters for xajax

I use this same idea in a couple of projects.

You can include the file from any place you like, either by hard-coding it into the include() function, or you can put it as part of your include_path php.ini variable to work across all scripts on the server.
The important part however, is using the $xajax->printJavascript() method to print to the client exactly where they can get access to the xajax.js file.