Topic: Custom Scripts Section?

Hey I reckon it'd be good if you guys would add a section where users can submit their own mini scripts they've created with the use of XAJAX.

There are so many possibilities and it'd be great to see what others have created / share some creations!


Re: Custom Scripts Section?

Cool idea.  I guess we're gonna need one for plugins once the plugin platform has stabilised too, so bunging it all together would be good.

Would people prefer putting it into the wiki (like a lot of code examples get dumped into), or onto the forums?

Re: Custom Scripts Section?

yeah true. after i posted this i checked out Vanity board which SORT OF seems to have gone slightly the way i was suggesting. Some people have ended up posting their code, others just displaying their work.

What I reckon is add a forum section for it.

"Your xAJAX scripts" etc

people can post their scripts right

Some of the admins can then over time add working examples to the wiki to build a good solid library of user-created scripts also being a good showcase for xajax

Re: Custom Scripts Section?

And "voting&download_counting" stuff would be great, because when there are a lot of plugins users will choose the most popular or most downloaded.

Like joomla or FF plugins section (devided into categories and having the ability to vote for(against) and put your comments).

I think this need some programing effort... Maybe someone owuld like to implement this section in xajax?

Re: Custom Scripts Section?

if you want to make it a download section. just use one of the existing Download php scripts out there like uh pa filedb

but I reckon a forum section would be ok too

Re: Custom Scripts Section?

Have a look at I think they have a real nice approach.