Topic: Dynamically updating Tables with xajax

Often we see posts about tables not being updated dynamically; primarily this is an issue with IE, however, I suspect other browsers will begin to exhibit this behavior in the future.

see: … sp#TOM_DOM
Note   The innerText and innerHTML properties are read-only on the tr object. Therefore, you cannot use them to insert text or HTML into a row. You can, however, insert td objects into a row using the insertCell method. Then, you can insert text or HTML into the td objects by setting the innerText or innerHTML property of the cell.

see this post for a brief example of using DOM manipulation: … 833#p11833

and this post for a brief example of using DOM manipulation with xajax: … 550#p14550

NOTE: however, you need to declare your table with a TBODY if you are going to use a DOCTYPE of HTML 4.01 STRICT or XHTML 1.0

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