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it would be great if I can ever add a xajax Function to the xajax Object like I can do it for Events or Handlers.
Because at the moment I must register all Functions that I maybe need some time.

But if I call a page Guestbook in that moment I will register only the Functions from this Page.

In my Framework I call one time an include file were I create the xajax Object, register some basic functions and the I call processRequest();
After that I replace per xajax divs with the Template Content from the callen webpage.
And here I will register some functions and Handlers.

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Re: registerFunction after processRequest();


Its a good question...i think that dont have how... but it is VERY interessant and important, a method do reprocess the requests on HEAD.

Waiting for the experts...


Re: registerFunction after processRequest();

Not exactly sure what you mean.
Are you trying to say you can't use xajax_functioname() calls from javascript because you've registered some functions after the page has loaded?
If so, you can use (bugger, cant remember what it's called in xajax 0.5 smile) to call the function on the server like'functionname', args);