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I set up a xajax driven order procedure for our company.
What it does:
- Checks if a requested domain is free at the Whois database, on success displays the next part of the order procedure
- When user enters his own nameservers checks if these nameservers have the right syntax and if they exist
- Calculates all fees
- Checks on the validity of tax numbers
- Processes the whole thing to Paypal.
All in the background. Hooooray.

I was very excited that I was able to do things with xajax that are not only *funky* but actually very useful.
This process saves the users a ot of frustration like filling in a long form just to find out that a domain name was taken or there was a typo somewhere....
If you want to see it it's here Domain order form

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Would you be willing to reveal your source for this code? I am very interested in running an xajax whois lookup on my website.

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Thats fantastic stuff smile  Nice work, Tobi smile

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That's a really nice use of XAJAX. Well done!:)

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