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Topic: It's........ xajax 0.2.5

Hi everyone,

xajax v0.2.5 has just been released.  It's been just over one whole year since the last xajax release and there have been several bugfixes and security-patches that have been committed to the main v0.5 tree and havn't been updated to the v0.2 branch.  v0.2.5 serves as a bridge between your old v0.2 code and the new v0.5 syntax, allowing use of assign() instead of addAssign().  It doesn't do any of the new plugin stuff, and it doesn't do a lot of the new javascript stuff, but it does improve on what was already in xajax v0.2

So that's it.  Go check it out and I look forward to everyone reporting back all the problems they've had with it. smile

Edit: forgot to say, you can grab it from http://sourceforge.net/project/showfile … _id=139736

Edit2: Yeah I suck... I put bugs in the code.  Must have been on purpose. Keeps you all on your toes. wink  Download the code again and they should be gone.