Topic: astercrm, an open source call center software using xajax

about asterCRM (

asterCRM is a web-based open source call center software for asterisk, and it has some simple CRM features. First, a python deamon called will listen on manager port of asterisk, and save all asterisk events to a database, at the same time, the user client (browser) analysis the data, get all the action of asterisk, such as ring, dial , link, hangup, ... When the user want asterisk to do something, such as click-to-call, transfer, hangup, just click the mouse, asterCRM will tell asterisk what to do in asterisk manager port.


1. asterisk can work with all asterisk-based system, such as Trixbox, Magiclink IP PBX
    2. asterisk, database, web can be distributed, that's flexible, capable
    3. web 2.0 technoloy make asterCRM easy to use
    4. open source, can be customize development by the user.
    5. No need client software, just browser.


1. Pop-up when dial in
    2. PoP-up when dial out
    3. Auto-complete
    4. Click-to-dial
    5. Transfer
    6. Exension manager

  Coming soon:

1. Extsnsion status
    2. Dial out phone list
    3. Queue status
    4. Phone pick up
    5. Hangup
    6. Parking calls