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This is one of a series of map prototypes using overlayed images to display map features (but it could be any image overlay). This xajax bit demos precise overlay of geometric data - points, lines, and polygons - onto an image.

As it does not seem that the site will ever get built,  I thought I'd share this one with you, even though its incomplete (the timeline does not function as it ought!) and likely to remain a work in progress for some time. Its great fun working on it anyway.

Oh, and its only tested to work on Firefox and Safari so far.

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Hey!  That's really nice.

My only requests would be to see a loading message when new data is being loaded (or items removed) and to have it work on IE as well.  (I received an error on IE7)

but with Firefox, it worked great and looks very good.

I hope you have time to continue the project!

// Joe

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Thanks CtC. The application loads like a slug on the free server, so a loading message would certainly be a good idea: I might stop it generating all 2000 or so images for the site locations on the fly too!

The IE problems now I look seem quite numerous. I think I better make a start on them...

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So much alerts ... WTH!

Sorry for my bad English

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hey jnoalexander!

Nice map interface that you have. Which map server do you use? How did you model the time in your spatial data?

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Thanks, though credit for the page design goes to Vic Swift who created the IDP site: I've just fitted the maps into this design. The map server is my own, created in mysql, php and of course xajax (yay!): I've used NASA data and generating the maps in GRASS. The dates are columns in mysql that are searched using a simple range search (if that's what you mean?) and the slider just moves the date range criteria.