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Hi all,

I spent this weekend on a SWF upload plugin based on the javascript/flash library.

demo / docs
download zip archive

Any suggestions to improve the plugin are highly appreciated. If you find a bug, don't hesitate to report it here wink

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Great job - again wink

So far - no bug.


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oh, removing files from queue was broken, but it's fixed now and I've updated all files (demo/download).

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smile Now it's better wink

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Superb. Will be very useful for my next proj. Thanks a lot ^_^

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Good news everyone,

I spent some more time on the plugin and added some new functionality. At the moment a xajax uploadfunction triggers all SWFupload instances at once and uploads all files from all queues. When the uploads queues are empty it does not even fire a xajax call at all. (*slaps forehead*)

So, the next version will keep track of all transformed file input fields and can submit:
- all files of one specific queue (per field basis)
- all file queues from one specific form (per form basis)
- all files from all queues (uploads whatever is selected)

depending on the passed arguments.

Furthermore I added / fixed a upload rate ( 100kB/s) and applied some minor fixes.

I think the next release will be ready in 1-2days after a few more tests smile

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That's a really cool thing! I'll use that, in combination with xajax amazing...the only problem is that you need flash 9...most users don't update their programs :-(

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93 % of the webusers have flash9 (we'r tracking it on high frequented website). So don't worry about the flash vers smile

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ah ok, I think you didn't spy on a community :-D

I've noticed, that in the demo the IE doesn't get a response. Will that be fixed somewhen?

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hm, I haven't had any problems in IE, but I'll check that for vers 0.2