Topic: xajax 0.5 release candidate 1

Good news everyone,

Finally, we  did it - xajax 0.5rc1 is out!

We are really exicted to announce the latest version of xajax, this version continues to support PHP4 as well as PHP5 (non-strict-mode).  Very few minor bugs were reported based on the latest beta version and those have been resolved. This release contains more language translations, so don't forget to activate your language in the xajax debugger and status text (if supported... or contact us if you'd like to help translate to your language if not).
THANK YOU to those who have contributed their time and effort to provide those translations. Please, take some time to download this release; load it up and run it through it's paces. We need as much feedback as possible as the stable release will come much sooner than you may think! We are looking forward to dropping the legacy support for PHP4 and the old syntax once xajax 0.5 stable is released.

Check out our docs for a step by step upgrade guide. Get ready to add exciting new features to your web site with xajax 0.5! ...