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Yes, you'r right.... I forgot a minor change in rc1 what makes rc1 incompatible with the comet plugin. sad

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Are there any useful and more complex cases or projects with this add-on?

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And what's the difference with [xajax comet] and [setInterval+Normal xajax], I think they are the samething in most case.

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Hi y'all,

today we noticed some bugs with the comet plugin, I'm currently working on a fix and I'm going to release a minor update by the end of this week.

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Hi Guys.

I've post my problem a few months ago, that I don't get Comet working on an 1&1 Virtual Server. Your answer was the following:

q_no wrote:

Then I tested it an a 1&1 Virtaul-Server

The reason is simple...virtual servers suck, sorry wink

Now that I develop another project where I want to use comet streaming I read your reply to my post. I've checked my server configuration again and have seen, that the Server isn't a Virtual Server. It's a 1&1 Root Server with Suse 10.3, apache2+php5.1x, mysql5.
So the reason why comet don't work can't be the server, I think.

Now there are two questions I ask me:

1. Why do comet streaming don't work on Virtual Servers?
2. How can I dissolve my Problem?

Can you please help me?

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What is exactly not working?
Actually the comet plugin should work on almost all servers. Unfortunately some virtual servers (or shared hosting accounts) don't allow long-time streaming (the max exec time is sometimes very short). Another reason could be, that the server buffers all outputs until the script is done. On root servers you can usually modify these configuration settings if needed, that's what I meant with 'virtual servers suck'. You can't change the config.