Topic: 0.5 Final - congrats

Well done all on shipping 0.5 final. It was a good idea to keep code changes to a minimum. There's one minor bug-fix that might have made it that I can recall (posted here … 471#p26471) that got lost in the forum (a bit like Zero Mostel) but no matter, it's great to draw a line under PHP4 support and move on.

Re: 0.5 Final - congrats

Oh bummer, I didn't notice the redirect issue :-| We've doublechecked the release testing section before the release but seem to have missed that one from the Troubleshooting sections. :-| If it becomes critical we'll update 0.5 asap.

Apart from that I can tell you, that we made good progress on 0.6 and that you can expect some nice improvements smile