Topic: 0.5 final - Submit empty string issue

When posting an empty string (from a input type=text-field to Xajax, it turns out that this is casted to a boolean.

The file must be changed to fix this issue.

$cType = substr($mValue, 0, 1);
$sValue = substr($mValue, 1); //will return as false because there is no string after position 1

switch ($cType) {
  case 'S': $mValue = (string)$sValue; break; //Modification by Sven (added cast)
  case 'B': $mValue = $this->convertStringToBool($sValue); break;
  case 'N': $mValue = floatval($sValue); break;
  case '*': $mValue = null; break;

I found this out writing a module for Kohana that uses xajax, before I didn't notice it.