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Topic: Dealing with Dom attributes by Js_script

Hi everyone !

I ave recently tested your Api v0.5 for an internship project and i have notice some problems with the way the xajax.dom.assign  act.

Indeed most of js interpreter don't permit to set all(some may work) attribute this way.(about line 1800)

        if (xajax.tools.willChange(element, property, data))
            eval('element.' + property + ' = data;');

but by this way :


I have personnaly change this code and expect newer version will fix it.

Thank you all for your attention and this great piece of work!!!!

Ps: For the class attributes  IE use  className instead of class.

Re: Dealing with Dom attributes by Js_script

That you for your submission, I believe you are correct.  I hope to incorporate this change into the next release.

// Joe

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