Topic: I just had lunch!

I know I know, long time no see smile But I want to share my latest project with you, since it uses xajax and might be interesting for a lot of people.

As a busy worker in an office it's sometimes really hard to find something new to eat at lunchtime. This app is supposed to give some inspiration:

Please add some nice locations, wherever you live smile

Feedback is highly appreciated, especially since it's currently in beta phase!

Thanks smile

Re: I just had lunch!

HI Steffen,

NIce idea and well executed.

I did notice that on my 17" monitor I could not see or move to the left side and it needed some scrolling to see the right side.


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Re: I just had lunch!

Thanks Ed,

I know, the requirements for the screen resolution are quite high at the moment. Perhaps I'll go down for a 1024x768 minimum resolution, but the size of the map would suffer a lot. We'll see smile