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Topic: change type of methods to avoid errors


I change the source manually, but that is a really bad solutions especially for giving out xajax based plugins.

$xajax->_detectURI() as public method would be extremely useful.

ERROR: Call to private method xajax::_detectURI()
xajax.inc.php line 911

//since >= 5
ERROR: Call to protected xajaxCustomResponse::xajaxCustomResponse() from context 'xajaxScriptPlugin'
/xajax/trunk/xajax/xajax_core/plugin_layer/xajaxScriptPlugin.inc.php on line 243

-> xajax/trunk/xajax/xajax_core/xajaxResponse.inc.php    Line 1968
- protected function xajaxCustomResponse($sContentType)
+  public function xajaxCustomResponse($sContentType)

//i uncomment the call to this method, cause i have no clue what this error is about, can one enlighten me pls?
Call to undefined method  xajaxCustomResponse::debug() in /xajax/trunk/xajax/xajax_core/xajaxResponseManager.inc.php on line 231

//maybe a little coding error?

    public function debug($sMessage)
        $this->aDebugMessages[] = $sMessage;

        Function: send

        Prints the response object to the output stream, thus sending the response to the client.
    public function send()
        if (NULL != $this->objResponse) {
            foreach ($this->aDebugMessages as $sMessage)


        $this->aDebugMessages = array();



Re: change type of methods to avoid errors

Thanks for pointing that out. I'll keep it in mind for 0.6 - there are a couple of method we set to private that might become public again, if it's really necessary.