Topic: unable to post huge form datas

Hi ,
I am using xajax version .5 standard
Unable to post huge amount of datas through xajax functions.
But i can able to post few datas.
In my form having huge amount of labels and text boxs
I m facing this problem by last 5 months. i cannot get solutions till now.
this problem disturbing our  running ERP project.
Please any one having solutions please post here. its urgent

Re: unable to post huge form datas

Hello Charles,

Did you tried to modify the value of oRequest.maxObjectSize ?



    $xajax = new xajax();
    function test() {
            $resp = new xajaxResponse();
            return $resp;

    $callback = array("callback" => "testCallback");
    $xajax->register(XAJAX_FUNCTION, "test", $callback);



<script type="text/javascript">
    testCallback = xajax.callback.create();
    testCallback.onRequest = function ( oRequest ) {
        oRequest.maxObjectSize = 64000; // default is 20000

<input type="button" onclick="xajax_test();" value="Click me" />

Hope that helps.