Topic: xajax and interactive gantt chart - please help!

Hi All ! I'm a totally newbie to programming and xajax, I'm in the process of introducing(in my company)web2project along with addon module igantt (adopted to it by one of the w2p users). The interactive gantt is builded in xajax and allows to move tasks in horizontal way only.  And I have problem (in smaller projects it is ok)
with it, when I load a huge project I got this error:

"ERROR: ResponseReceived: Queue overflow: Cannot push object onto queue because it is full." 

Please, can you explain, where to increase the flow? Is there a soultion. Please explain it to me.
If you would like I can't send zipped module for you to look at it.



Re: xajax and interactive gantt chart - please help!

Hi Andrew,

I have never seen this one... You must be trying topush  a boat load of data.

Perhaps another xajax user has seen this. Anyone?


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Re: xajax and interactive gantt chart - please help!

digging this up because i run into the same problem and found a solution:
the queue is limited to 1000 entries.  a simple (but not so elegant) way to make this work is to change the value.
this will bring more work to the client browser.

change the value in the 2 xajax_core js files:
xajax.config.setDefault('responseQueueSize', 1000);