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Topic: xajax and SEO integration...

Hi all,

Since a few years ago I use xajax to request dynamic content from any website. But now I would like to integrate an application with xajax AJAX and SEO so that the result can be indexed by Google.

Google provides a modification to the URL you using characters #! and changes in the server so that it interprets the calls appropriately.

Has anyone done it? How? have used another method?

My requests usually are either direct calls to a function like to xajax_requestListRecords  or similar calls when press a button inside of form or execute javascript code when use a link.

I search the word SEO in the forum and i can't find anything.

Thanks in advance,

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Re: xajax and SEO integration...

I will explain an simple example:

Index.php file that contains basic information. It has several links and pressing one for example "link list" makes a call to xajax and it returns an empty div that was initially a list of links collected from a MySQL table.

If Google indexes the page index.php, never appear the "list of links". Google suggested that any AJAX call had two options, the user sees and he sees the robots by using the characters "#!" in the URL.

Some have used it? tried it? know any other solution? He used another solution?

The problem of using AJAX in this case is to be injected XAJAX information at any time and as this does not really exist on the page is not indexed.

Regards, Oscar.

Re: xajax and SEO integration...


i didn´t use the url modification with the characters #!, but my own page ( http://www.angelmedia.de ) is full xajax and seo compatible. All mainlinks shows the content in a xajax way, but all links have a real href-path to navigate to the pages in a real way and of course accessable for any search engine.
Note that i strongly changed the xajax library to make direct calls without preregistering of any function, so you will never see any registered js/xajax function in the DOM.

// Oliver

Re: xajax and SEO integration...


I'm curious as to what code changes you made to forgo registering functions.

I have it down to one using php 5's variable functions.


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Re: xajax and SEO integration...

Hi Ed,

i´m writing a plugin, based on a older plugin from q_no, where i generate links calling a function in a class directly. This will only works in my webcore because of the crypt/decrypt of the class-function call.
The implementation on my site for displaying the content in normal and ajax way is, to returning the content from the normal way to a ajax-function and replacing it in the dom. Thats all. All links on my page a generated by my webcore...

// Oliver

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Re: xajax and SEO integration...

Hi Oliver,

I know your very simple solution that is comment in a lot of sites in Internet; use href to have of a legible URL from Google and another robots (*), and onclick event to call to xajax functions to correctly in SEO. Can you say sure that all robots works correctly with this simple solutions.

Any people use google solution?

The bad face of both solutions y that need to make the double of work; pages to robots like Google and pages that work with AJAX calls.

Regards, Oscar.
(sorry for me bad english)

(*) It's important to return false. With this ever call the code of onclick event and not call the URL of href param.

Re: xajax and SEO integration...

Hey ofarcis,

your entryPoint for "google and ajax" called unobtrusive Javascript!

Re: xajax and SEO integration...


after a couple of days i can confirm, that my solution works. Google finds every page, but i also have to say, that i push the sitemap to google, live and ask. But before i implement that pushes, google also find every page.

// Oliver

Re: xajax and SEO integration...

I'm curious about what Xajax actually does on your site m[e]ntor, specifically the main navigation as you mentioned, because the actual page content appears to be HTML, as if it was always there (not from an ajax source), and of course, the part about changing the actual URL in the address bar ... that implies to me that I am just loading the web page regular style.

Re: xajax and SEO integration...

Hi Pixel,

hehe you can believe me, it´s xajax!
But the change of the url is another part and works with window pushstate.

i will write a blogentry about this

// Oliver

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Re: xajax and SEO integration...

That cool AJAX routine that loads your content is hurting your SEO. .... open source, and it has excellent support for HTML5 history integration.