Topic: Switched servers, now getting 405 error on xajax form

Sorry - total newbie here. I have taken over management of a website designed by someone else. They have used xajax to create a contact form, which I simply cannot work out.

I have moved the website to a new server, which is when the form stopped working. When clicking the 'submit' button, a 405 error is created:

Request Method:
Status Code:
    HTTP/1.1 405 Method Not Allowed

I don't know if I may have missed a file when transferring everything over to the new server.

Also - the form used to be emailed to the company once the user had clicked 'submit' - I can't see where this email address is?

Apologies again, but I am keen to get my head around this!

The issue is with the 'contact us' and 'request a call back' buttons in the top right of this page: … mbers.html

Re: Switched servers, now getting 405 error on xajax form


Check here

Appears to be a problem with POST ans server configuration...


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