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How we can see, the xajax object is instancied at the index.php (the main file), the function is created and registered at the any_page.php (included by index.php) and the javascript print is located at templates/header.php (included by any_page.php).
It's kind of confused, but i just face the problem in can't create 2 xajax objects now, when my projects it's almost done. Until now, everything works fine and all the xajax tasks (instance, register functions and print javascript) where done in a single file. But now i need handle xajax in global level in my project, what explain all this mess.
Keep going with the issue, the function test() it's sucessfully registered. I can call her normally, but i get an "false" as return. I think that is because the function it's been registered inside an include file.
Any ideas?
Sorry for the bad writing. I'm brazilian.

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Could you post the relavent code?


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