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hey folks,

i feel somehow lost in this forum (can not find a bug reporting thred).

However i found a typo in the of the actual trunk from sourceforge.

Line 324 $mFunction = array(&$this, 'argumentDecodeUTF8_' . $sFunction), should be $mFunction = array(&$this, '__argumentDecodeUTF8_' . $sFunction)

private function __argumentDecodeUTF8_*



Re: found a typo error in

i found another error
when set scriptdeferal to true, the generated inline link contains following error:

<b>Fatal error</b>:  Call to protected xajaxCustomResponse::xajaxCustomResponse() from context 'xajaxScriptPlugin' in <b>/path2myxajaxFiles/trunk/xajax/xajax_core/plugin_layer/</b> on line <b>243</b><br />

i changed:
#class xajaxCustomResponse (xajaxResponseInc.php) line     1960
from: "protected function xajaxCustomResponse($sContentType)"
to:     "public function xajaxCustomResponse($sContentType)"

and it works.

using current svn trunk version

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Re: found a typo error in

typo found in german language lang_de.js

[USER FATAL ERROR] Das xajax response Objeckt konnte die Befehler nich verarbeiten, da kein gültiges Array übergeben wurde.

the part "Objeckt konnte die Befehler nich "

should be "Objekt konnte die Befehle nicht "

current 0.5 trunk

Re: found a typo error in

Thank you so much... i didnt have the knowledge in this now i get an idea about this.. thks a lot:-)