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Topic: Limit Post Size by var.

Hi everyone,

It's doing about 5-6 years now I use xajax in my website and it works pretty well now,

But today i have a little bug :

I send the content of a textarea to a xajax function to save it in a table.

My problem is that this text contain image in base64 format (Generate with CkEditor).

In debug i see my content text send to the server :

Send :
<div id="sign"><img alt="" src="......

On receive :

But when i get my parameter in the php function there is nothing !!

    function SaveMessage($conversation_id, $subject, $id_from, $destinataires_ids, $content, $type, $tempid, $withsend = false)
    echo "-".$conversation_id."-".$subject."-".$id_from."-".$destinataires_ids."-".$content."-".$type."-".$tempid."-".$withsend;

Fri Feb 01 2013 12:23:01 GMT+0100

RECEIVED [status: 200, size: 284 bytes, time: 956ms]:
-5- -12-Array-1-999687234 --1<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>

We can see that the received size is only size: 284 bytes, but my base64 image have a size of 1Mo.

Edit :
After many search, I can see with wiresharck that my message is really send to my server (My Message is really well parsed by javascript). But once on the server it is transform as 1 !


It only works when i use little image !!

Is there any parameters that i need to change ??


Re: Limit Post Size by var.


Are you using GET instead of POST. POST is the xajax default but it can be changed...

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Re: Limit Post Size by var.

No it really use POST as i can see in the debug popup POST: xjxfun...

Apparently, the size is limited by the JSON parser ?

I still searching...