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Topic: passing $form not to innerHTML DIV but back to a xajax function. ver 5

In a xajax function i have created a form without the form tags, just the DIV and mysql query stuff. instead of senting it via innerHTML to a DIV i want to send it to a xajax function instead.  In that function i am using DOMPDF to creat a pdf, everything works great as long as i don't use CSS. 

What i mean by that is if i have a <DIV id="formating"> and/or <SPAN class="format"> the xajax function blows up but if i just send <DIV>, <div><span>  everything work great but i no longer have formating in my form.

some code that works when sent to xajax function(): $xsOut .= "<div><span>".$blank5." ".$fx."</span><span>".$blank5." ".$ln.", ".$fn." ".$mn." </span><span>".$blank5."</span><span>".$blank5." ".$sd."</span></div>";

some code that don't: when sent to xajax function(): 
$sOut .= "<div>
<span id='rr1'>".$fx."</span>
<span id='rr2'>".$ln.", ".$fn." ".$mn." </span>
<span id='rr3'>&nbsp;</span>
<span id='rr4'>".$sd."</span>

Any ideas


Re: passing $form not to innerHTML DIV but back to a xajax function. ver 5


I may be  bit confused. Are you just sending the div innerhtml of the form  or what ?

If you are sending the innerhtml then the entire div contents, styling and all should show up.

If you are using something like getFormValues then only the element values are sent.

Post the code - php and html - and I'll look it over.


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