Topic: Problem with ipad/IOS

Under Linux and Windows,  Chromium and Internet Explorer the underneath example works as expected.

        <select id='periode_id' name='periode_id'
                                    onclick='xajax_setPeriode(document.getElementById("periode_id").value);' >

                         several options

As a result of a click another field is filled with the chosen option.

BUT Safari and Firefox needs TWO clicks.

Why and how to solve this problem?

Re: Problem with ipad/IOS

The problem with ipad/IOS is solved.

IOS and Android handle events differently compared to Windows and Linux.
onclick returns under  IOS and Android the value of the selectionlist --before-- the click.
Windows and Linux returns the value of the selectionlist --after-- the click.
onchange returns the value --after-- the click for those four operating systems.

So it was not a Xajax problem.