Topic: The Wrath of the Forum King is Upon You

(About the title: I'm just having fun.)

So, I'm noticing an increasing number of duplicate topics creeping up on the forums here. I know this is par for the course with any forum, but please, PLEASE, P...L...E...A...S...E, I beg of you, spend at least a minute finding an existing topic for your message before starting a new one. And PLEASE don't post duplicate messages in multiple topics just so someone will reply to you. It's rude, to put it bluntly.

Thanks very much for your cooperation. With your help, we can keep these forums streamlined and the most helpful for users of xajax!


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Re: The Wrath of the Forum King is Upon You

I'm just going to jump in and say:
If something strange is happening with your xajax application, don't forget to turn on debugging with the command


and it always helps to know what browser(s) you're having trouble with.