Topic: Version 0.2 beta download for the forums coming this week

Hello everyone,

We're planning on releasing a limited beta of version 0.2 of xajax here for you folks in the forums. The idea is that you can test it on your systems and let us know if you encounter any major problems, so we can fix them before doing an official 0.2 release (which will be on Sourceforge, announced on PHP sites, etc.) If you're really anxious, you can check out the CVS code right now, which is basically what we'll be releasing shortly.

FYI, we will have detailed release notes available with 0.2 so you'll know what's new and what's changed, but official documentation is basically not very far along yet, and may still be in progress to some extent when 0.2 is finally released to the public. Thankfully, our wiki is set up and working great, and we're very excited about unveiling all this stuff soon.



Project manager for xajax