Topic: xajax 0.2 "Forum Beta 1" released

I'm very pleased to announce that version 0.2 of xajax is now officially released in beta form for testing by the good members of this forum. I hope to make this a short beta test and release a stable 0.2 version to the general public (via, etc.) in the near future. Even though there are a significant number of changes in this release, I feel pretty confident about its quality at this point. Through our testing process and feedback from the few brave souls who have played with the code in CVS at various times, it seems that a lot of common issues from the past 0.1 version have already been resolved.

But, please, download it and try it out without further delay. The feedback we receive from you of problems you encounter will be invaluable to us during this beta test, and if you have any other suggestions or comments please feel free to share them.

The download: …

There's a new README file in the archive you can read if you wish. Also, be sure to check out the release notes at: For the most part, they're the only documentation for 0.2 available at the moment.

(Speaking of documentation, I've set up a wiki for the project at our new soon-to-be-unveiled domain, and we'll be working on getting some docs and other info on there and ready for your perusal over the coming days. More news on that forthcoming.)

I hope you enjoy xajax 0.2 and await hearing about your experiences!



Project manager for xajax