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Hi all!! big_smile
This is my first post in this great forum!
I just wrote a little sample code for this PHP class and i just want same opinions. wink

The class generates a resizeable html table.
Data can be updated by users just doubleclicking the item to change.
Changed data are updated on-the-fly using xajax on an SQLite database.

Test my table

Do you think this table can be usefull?  cool

Re: Simple Dynamic Table test

Sorry I forgot to include link to source in the previous post tongue
You can download code from here

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Nice work!

I'll have a look at the source; looks interesting to me. smile

// Joe

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Re: Simple Dynamic Table test

thats really nice

Re: Simple Dynamic Table test

I was not able to see the example, page returned not found... sad

Re: Simple Dynamic Table test

Sounds useful but I couldn't view the page or download the code...

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