Topic: Links calling JS

why cant i get my links to call javascript functions?

<a href="javasctip:xajax_function();"> click here </a>

^^ That doesnt work. The only way i can do it is with the onclick even, however that messes up the link a bit.

Re: Links calling JS

See: http://community.xajaxproject.org/viewtopic.php?id=338

Project owner & orginal creator of xajax


Re: Links calling JS

Thanks. sorry for forgetting to search the form :S google didnt come up with anything.

And, hi. i see your the project owner, i was starting to worry that you had 'gone' as i noticed updated suddenly stopped a while ago.

good to see your still around! got anything cool in store for us? smile

Re: Links calling JS

I've been contributing to xajax as time permits, but Jared and Joe have been doing the bulk of the work lately.  xajax 0.5 beta 2 is in the works, and you can always check out the latest development code from SVN.


Project owner & orginal creator of xajax

Re: Links calling JS

Xajax can be a little tricky for those just starting out.


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