Topic: Debugging xajax calls

If you are encountering a problem with your xajax application, please search the forum to see if the issue has been discussed already.  Also, check the wiki for information related to your issue:

When posting about a problem you are encountering, please try to include the following information when possible:

A sample of the xajax debugger output:

(to enable debugging)
    use either $xajax->debugOn(); in xajax 0.2.4
    or $xajax->setFlag('debug',true); in xajax 0.5

A sample of the code you are having trouble with.
The text of the error you are encountering.
The xajax version that you are using.

Additional information can be helpful in some situations, such as which browsers you've tested, which browsers work and which do not, the server software and php version that you are using, etc...

If you do not already have a debugging tool for your browser, please consider installing one as they can provide a much greater level of detail in examining the situation.

(for firefox, check out the firebug extension)

Please do not reply in this thread if you are asking for help with a problem; please open a new thread.

If you have further information regarding debugging techniques, debuggers or comments regarding xajax debugging, please post them here.

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Re: Debugging xajax calls

Some common issues and related discussions:

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-- second FORM tag with no ID caused a problem:

-- want to include more than just input fields:

NOTE: I'll add more as time allows.

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