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Topic: Driver Training booking system

Hi guys,

This is in test phase, so feel free to book away!! Please let me know if you think i should change anything at all. Is the layout confusing? it's aimed at 16-20yo kids, any comments on that too- let loose.


admin: http://dazonic.net/booking/admin.php


edit: i used 0.5 Beta 2, wicked

Re: Driver Training booking system

That looks nice smile

but  I think the position of your errormessages from the form validation is not optimal. I scrolled down,hit the submit button and didn't see the errors wink

Re: Driver Training booking system

Good point, thanks....

it's really hard to cram everything (4 calendars, times, user form, form validation messages) onto a little 1024x768 monitor. If anyone has any ideas for alterations please let me know!

Re: Driver Training booking system

hey dazonic, very nice page. liked especially that i found my way around so quickly.

I'd say, find a way to optimize your calendar - it takes way too much space (even though it comes in handy). But other sites wrestle with the same problem (orbitz & co) and have even less space.

Also you could think of pinning the date and time in step one and ask for the user information (or login) in step 2 - this doesn't make it any more complicated, maybe even easier wink


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