Topic: xajax 0.5 beta 3 ... new xajax site

Well, it has been almost a week since the release of xajax 0.5 beta 3 and the new site design (; so, it is about time I posted this announcement!

With xajax 0.5 beta 3, you'll see a few new features, a few bug fixes and a lot of changes in the structure and capability of the plugin layer.

Here is a quick summary of (some of) the changes:

1)  Improved plugin support -- providing plugins with the ability to generate script and style tags for inclusion in the head of the document.

2)  Improved performance -- we've continued to scour the code for inefficiencies; more improvements are on the way.

3)  Improved documentation (API reference) with more on the way.

4)  An HTML control library, bringing OOP to xajax enabled pages.  These controls have xajax support built right in!

5)  Improved getFormValues on the javascript side, giving you the ability to validate and process forms as an array in javascript before sending them to (xajax functions on) the server.

6)  Improved javascript debugger output; See the request and response more clearly.

AND a new site design... including:

1)  A plugin library with support for user created plugins.

2)  A section for documentation and tutorials.

3)  A development blog, with news and comments, available via RSS.

4)  Many pages written with xajax 0.5 beta 3!  (We don't just bake the cake, we eat it too!)

So, if you haven't checked it out lately...

and don't forget to download the latest beta release... … _id=139736

Or get the latest from SVN!

// Joe

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