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Topic: Debugging Features


I am using the latest 0.5 beta 4b and I am trying to do a lot of debugging of scripts in a complex js application.  I really need to get better control of the popup windows...each time I refresh the page to load new JS for testing, a new popup appears.  I end up with like 20 popups...and then I have to constantly be cleaning them up.  I would like to have there be a way to specify either

1) all the output prepends to a file that I can refresh whenever I want ---which is what I was thinking setLogFile() did...but can't seem to get that working.

or at least

2) be able to tell the debugger to use the same target popup for all bug output.

I can see that in the xajax_debug.js there are some vars in there that appear to be configurable such as windowTemplate, windowStyle, etc.

Could you please explain how to use these?  I realize I could just go in and modify the code to do whatever I wanted, but I don't like tampering with the code as it makes implementing future releases more difficult.


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I agree with you!  During release testing for the xajax project, I experience the same issue (with multiple debug windows).  I have not yet tried to resolve the issue, but I would like to.

If you are able, I would love to have some input on a possible solution (or more)... but I can understand if you are unable to do so at this time.

Ok, here is my thought... I believe the debug script checks for a window with a specific name/id... each time the main page is refreshed, a new id number is generated (time).  Instead, perhaps we just specify a static name?

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Re: Debugging Features


i'm ussing xajax 0.5 final with de debug option in true. It's is possible actually write a log with data instead to show a windows?