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Hey everyone, I am posting this on this board because I have seen a lot of competent folks on here and I assume people will be able to offer some intelligent suggestions!  I am looking for some recommendations on project management software.  Primarily to track people's time to various projects (mainly to avoid over committing people) as well as to help judge things like areas we need to beef up staff and to help avoid scope creep.  Open source would be ideal, something with a nice web front end but any suggestions are very appreciated! Thanks!

- Nick

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I've used Tutos (mainly for feature / bug tracking), but it may help.  I can't say it is the best or the end-all do-all, but it is worth mentioning here.

// Joe

p.s. I'm also quite interested to see some other options listed here. smile

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Well, this is not a "project management" software but worth to mention: Kimai

Kimai is a nice tool for time-tracking - easy to handle for all of us lazy employees. smile My boss even wrote a kimai tool to analyze the time per project (with xajax of course smile )

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That kimai appears to be just what I need. I'm lazy updating my timesheet and my boss is harrassing me because I give him always my own estimate of the time used in a project smile Thanks for the tip! I installed it allready and start using it tomorrow.

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Hmm, those two seem to work well with time scheduling and keep record of it.

Either way, I was wondering if there was such a Project Management Software which gives you the ability to sort of expose your project.
It is more like documentating your website but for project use. For example, in a project you are going to build a site from scratch. So multiple people /employees are going to work on it. So first of you should document your website: which layout it is going to use, all it classes, pages, subpages, images, styles, etc.
Making an overview of your website in a tree diagram shape. Also to mention which developers are going to work on which specific piece of the project.

If anyone knows one I'd be glad to hear, thanks in advance.

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Use dotproject at

It's a very complete project management solution

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You could try using these top 5 most popular project management softwares (base on Alexa Rankings):
1. Basecamp
2. Zoho Projects
3. Freshbooks
4. Central Desktop
5. Deskaway

There are actually a lot more than what is mentioned above. For more information about the various project management software, you may want to visit this blog: … ternatives

Project management software that are listed in this article has a short review and a comparison table for you to know what feature the software has to offer. Such features include time tracking, billing, which applications are compatible, etc.

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Open source might not be a good idea but it can be considered for simple projects to handle. Project management software that runs on a desktop applications are better for its faster execution time than web-based applications. Latitude is one of the best desktop applications that I have used to handle my projects. Its features are great and their support team is always there to help us when we experience problems.