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Topic: help regarding to top class coading

hi dear,
           i m developing a xajax php web chat application .
my problem is that i want to send message to server side script function by using of array buffer,and callback function .
In my chat script when a user type a message and than hit a send button then it's call a sendMsg function on client side java script function i m trying to send message by buffer array and callback function for in condition :
if user type fast as well as user internet connection is slow.

and my client side java script function for sending message to server side as :

function sendMsg()
              var user=xajax.$('user').value;
              xajax.$('chatarea').value=xajax.$('chatarea').value+user+" says :"+msg+"\r\n";
              if (flage)
               buffermsg.push(msg);   //  buffmsg is the global array variable
               xajax_processChat(user ,msg);       //  calling a server side xajax function

function sendMsgBuffer()
                        flage = true;             // global variable
                         while ( buffermsg[0] != null )
                       xajax_processChat( user , buffermsg[0] );
                       flage = false;

but i want to change it by callback function with better logic

plz hel me