Topic: File upload and Swfupload doesn't match :(


I work with Xajax and Smarty and i have no problem smile But when i try to use the script "swupload.php", "upload.php" i have the response : "empty queue" and the debug output write : "ERROR: ExecuteCommand (#0, ):Invalid response command: Malformed response command received" !!!

On the other hand I have doubts on my config of test. The file " swfupload " and " upload " are in the root of my site and xajax are in my folder " js ". I clarify, because I have never seen the file flash displaying.

    $core = 'js/xajax/xajax_core';
    require_once $core . '/';
    $xajax = new xajax();
    require_once 'js/xajax/xajax_plugins/request/swfupload/';
    $xajax->configure("javascript URI","js/xajax/");
    $xajax->configure('debug', true);
    $xajax->register(XAJAX_FUNCTION,"uploader",array("mode" => "'SWFupload'","SWFform" => "'upload_form'"));

Sorry for my english (i'm french) and thank in advance