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I'm developing a CMS and would like to revamp the whole CMS to work entirely on/with XAJAX.

Let me explain what I have.

index.php - listens to url requests - all url requests are through index.php.
Modules - separate applications. Each module has 4 levels (view, user, edit and admin). Each level is a function. SO, for instance, for the forum module,  the functions would be named forum_view, forum_user, forum_edit and forum_admin.
Plugins - extras deailing with appearance etc. For instance: tinymce, scriptaculous, thickbox

Now, when a user makes a url request, index.php searches the database to see if the url exists. IF the url exists, he then searches to see what function to run....for instance forum_user.

Now, what I would like to do is revamp index.php so that xajax would listen to the requests and if the "url" exists, then run the proper function which would have been a $xajax->registerFunction("forum_user").

I'm looking for someone to help me out that would know the ins and outs of xajax.

What I'm (in essence) looking for is a 100% integration of our CMS and XAJAX so that for instance forms being submitted are all run through xajax, links etc etc.
Can this be done? Can someone give us a hand at it?

Re: Integrating XAJAX into CMS

that is similar to what I am actually using on one of my websites.  But I have it two different ways.

One way is a dynamic php page that does the functions I want without ajax.

The second way is to have xajax run the script when a user clicks on the navigation links.

This is so that the site is indexed through google and other search engines much easier.

I use a function called navigate that will call a module based on what I want the script to do.

When a user clicks on the link.  It uses a variable to navigate to the new page.  if a bot clicks on the link then a new php page appears.

All of this is using Smarty, Adodb and Xajax.  Works great for what I want to do.

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very cool principle.
I'm leaning towards using normal url direction to the applications and running xajax within the application for form submission, auto fills etc. just because I could figure out exactly what you are mentioning. I will try to look into that.

Re: Integrating XAJAX into CMS

The advantage of doing it the way I am is bandwidth.  The disadvantage is obviously doing everything twice.

Re: Integrating XAJAX into CMS

but, is this not handled by a function that interprets the requests? Maybe i'm confused?

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I do similar to my CMS.  What I have done was set a component layer ( kind allike Joomla ) which handles the gathering and display of content.  I wrapped that in a buffer, afterwhich the template is loaded (required).  In the template, I simply output the buffer where I want the content displayed at.

I have a special class that sets values to the head, so if I need XAJAX, I can simply set a custom tag method which will add the code I need to the head.