Topic: includeScript doesn't work in IE7 - v0.5RC1/RC2


As the subject says, I can't get the includeScript function to work in IE7. The script is not included and it throws a js error. As soon as I comment the includeScript function the error is gone. Even if the included script file is empty, it still throws the js error.

You can see the issue on this page: … p;Itemid=6

Login with demo/demo in the bottom-left. Then select a section and a category. The js error appears after the category selection. In FF+Firebug it's possible to see how the xajax.jquery.onload.js is loaded, but in IE7 you will see the js error indicator in the bottom-left.

Please let me know if you need more information to track this down.



Re: includeScript doesn't work in IE7 - v0.5RC1/RC2

Are you referring to this script?

/* Attach tooltip to jtooltip class */

if(jQuery.tooltip) {

    jQuery('#form_container img').tooltip({

        track: true,

        delay: 0,

        showURL: false,

        opacity: 0.95,

        fixPNG: true,

        top: -15,

        left: 5        



/* Attach datepicker to date fields */

if (jQuery.datepicker) {



/* initialize rating stars */

jQuery("div[id^='jr_stars-new']").each(function(i) {

    if( != '' ) {


            inputType: "select",

            cancelShow: false,     // <- There's a typo!





Re: includeScript doesn't work in IE7 - v0.5RC1/RC2

Wow! I  can't believe that was it. I tried to make sure that it wasn't the script itself by modifying it and leaving it empty or putting a simple alert and I still got the problem. But now, after you pointed this out I corrected it and it works.

Sorry for wasting your time and thank you!

Re: includeScript doesn't work in IE7 - v0.5RC1/RC2

Np, I'm glad it's not the includeScript function wink