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Topic: XAJAX with Joomla CMS

Hi everybody,

All that Know about this amaizing cms, we have develop a plugin(extension for joomla), that allow a developer to create ajax extensions the way we can with xajax.

for more information see http://www.dsldatasolutions.com/jajax-plugin.html

you can see the graffiti example here -> http://www.dsldatasolutions.com/index.p … =com_jajax

You can see a module extension that calculate the multiply of 2 number.

Thanks to XAJAX developer, because xajax is a great job!!!!

comment are welcome

Re: XAJAX with Joomla CMS


live_site is not used anymore. You need LegacyMode enabled....
If you want to only support 1.5, $live_site = JURI::root();   Or you can test for both :-)
After changing this, xajax js files are found and loaded.

loadingMsg : no time right now, but something seems to be wrong here.
( ERROR: Request: TypeError: xajax.$("loadingMsg") is null )

After removing the Loading Message part, it runs.

Good job !