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Topic: My wall!

Hi I've created a wall. Something like the Facebook wall or more like the Twitter or a mix of both

I've used three different things all to make it work correctly

1. Xajax (of course) http://xajaxproject.org/en/download
2. NBBC. http://nbbc.sourceforge.net/
3. Autoembed 1.3 http://autoembed.com/

I turned it into a compressed file


Well that's it! I hope it'll be usefull for you guys and every improving that you can make to this code let me know! As i said before i'm a newbie in PHP, MySQL and programming web pages but i'd love it untill the day that i die!

By the way i'm from Venezuela so my English is not very good as Celia Cruz said!

And if you don't understand something don't hesitate asking me! Or someone who knows more than i do!

You can see this working on http://dynlearning.com.ve