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Hey guys.

Could somebody explain why in the language inc files (de or nl) you are doing:
$objLanguageManager =& xajaxLanguageManager::getInstance()

the include happens in the configure of the LanguageManager, so a simple $this->register would do the job a little faster or am i missing something important? or is this just for 'nice' code viewing reasons?

I've had instances on a specific server, where xajax didn't respond anymore, and when i changed it to $this->register everything worked again, its like it was in a loop or something!?

P.s. for neat code reasons, i would not put the english strings in the construct... i would make a handler that defaults the language if needed to english, and do a normal configure...?


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Re: LanguageManager


the language files are used to translate the output of the xajax debug.

you might enable your preferred language by xajax->configure('language',"nl");

Be carefully and only use available languages, or you get a 404 Error

check the class xajaxLanguageManager

    Class: xajaxLanguageManager

    This class contains the default language (english) and the code used to supply
    debug and error messages upon request; as well as the code used to load alternate
    language text as requested via the <xajax::configure> function