Topic: Cron Job xajax Error:

I purchased script without support and tried to setup a cron job from my cPanel.

I am not a programmer and have no clue about coding unless there are clean instructions to fallow.

My Site Map generator script (separate script) executes cron job just fine but for the main script (main websites script located in the root) I received error message.

xajax Error: xajax failed to automatically identify your Request URI.Please set the Request URI explicitly when you instantiate the xajax object.

I looked in to it as much as I can read and understood that it has to do something with ajax... and located the script... and located xajax_core folder and file.

If I change:

    function xajax($sRequestURI=null, $sLanguage=null)


    function xajax($sRequestURI="", $sLanguage=null)

It starts to run cron job.

But I no longer can login to my administration... so I changed back to:

function xajax($sRequestURI=null, $sLanguage=null)

only if I could know more about programing it seems to me that it is something very simple...

Does anyone know what needs to be set or changed that server cron job could execute?