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Have used 0.5 in a project and since I am using Eclipse as PHP editor I get tons of JavaScript errors in the xajax_js folder.

The errors are mainly due to missing semicolons.


xajax.config={};xajax.config.setDefault=function(option,defaultValue){if('undefined'==typeof xajax.config[option])

should be
xajax.config={};xajax.config.setDefault=function(option,defaultValue){if('undefined'==typeof xajax.config[option])

I assume that what I am using is a compressed version of the js files so probably won't make much sense to change that here. Though I would fix that if you want.

Re: JavaScript syntax tidying

There are some more little small issues which i fixed in my local repository.

At the moment, i completely outcommented the javascript compressor in the php code.
Now i use this one :
Beware : you can only use the whitespace only options, since the others do some optimizings which are unwanted.

Why i use this one ?  Don't re invent the wheel i would say wink

Re: JavaScript syntax tidying

thanks a lot.... thanks for your information... very much useful for me.... keep on posting...:-)

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Re: JavaScript syntax tidying

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Re: JavaScript syntax tidying

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