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Topic: Modal Window and form

Hi all, first of all sorry for my english.

I have modal window plugin working well but I have a problem.

I have inputs that i send it to create modal window. When I send form (with button call xajax_function) to create a list inputs that i pass to create modal window no have value, no exist.

I can get other form values that I create previously.

$res .= '<input type="text" name="txtBPob" id="txtBPob"/>';
$res .= "<input type='button' value='Filtrar' onclick=\"xajax_crear_listado('listado',xajax.getFormValues('form_albaranes_alta'));\"/>";

                            'color'    => '#000000',
                            'opacity'  => 50,
                            'frame'    => 'parent',
                            'bOverlay' => true
            return $response;

Any idea? How can I get the values  of this inputs, i need them to create the select that return the list.

Note: The list load into modalwindow.


Re: Modal Window and form

Hi all guys I return from my holidays!!

I have the solution for this problem it's very easy. The problem was that I created worst the form

It will be something like:

$ventana = '<form target="_self" id="archivo" name="archivo" action="the_form_that_opens_modal.php" method="post">';

Bye bye from Spain.

Re: Modal Window and form

Anybody can tell me how to get the Modal Window plugin... I can't find it.