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Good news everyone,

I just created this section for the upcoming Xajax 0.6 beta releases. If you found bugs or have suggestions that should make it into 0.6 before it's too late - post them here!

A short summary of the current changes in 0.6 trunk:

- PHP 5.3 compatible
- removed deprecated functions
- JSON is now default response type
- the JS core now uses JSON to pass the arguments
- bugfixes in event processing
- overall code cleanup
- slighty smaller JS core
- improved performance
- updates test/example scripts

Furthermore I'm probably also going to drop the xajax_control classes CtC created for 0.5. This decision is not final.

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Thank's for this framework,

I want more examples about drag and drop.


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Erm, There is no drag&drop in Xajax? wink

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I don't speak spanish very good, please excuses for any word or phrase bad write...

q_no, I'am not sure about if exists drag&drop examples in this forum, I see someone with,

Thank's for every thing

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Thanks a lot to all the xajax team! This is a really great software! Many thanks for the new release! smile

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Is there any estimation on how long it will take to fix that magic-quote-bug in the current release? I'd like to integrate xajax into an application, I'm currently working on for a customer. And their IT-department cries their eyes out like every time I want them to change the server configuration wink

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I've fixed the bug, as well as some other minor issue but I cannot commit them to SVN atm. My Notebook died this morning - mainboard broken and I'm unable to access the changes I made in my VM atm.  You can however send me an email with the forums mailer and I'll send you a link to a kinda beta2 RC wink

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i was using xajax 0.5 stable version in one of my projects and i decided to migrate to xajax 0.6 beta 1 version obviously not in production and is working fine for one of my systems that i have running i was planning to implent this version to production systems do the fact that i dont see errors in the functions that i use.
And also i want to congratulate all of the xajax team you are the best i use this framework since the first version and i love this framework thank you all and keep up the good work.

PD: sorry about my english, i learn this lenguaje by reading programming manuals.

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is it planned to support PHP 5.2 with xajax 0.6 or have we to stick to 0.5, if we use PHP 5.2?

If experienced parameters aren't getting passed as they should, when using xajax 0.6 Beta 1 with PHP 5.2


xunlockRecord('Sffw_people', 'S1013', ...

instead of

xunlockRecord('ffw_people', '1013',

so the type definition doesn't get stripped in the right matter.

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Xajax 0.6 will be fully PHP 5.2.x/5.3.x compatible.  Ed reported something similar in another thread. There was a bug in beta1 but it's already fixed in SVN and will be included in the next beta2.

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If you want to fix it in the current release check this thread. It's a work around.

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I compared quite a few things, but some things are still completely PHP4.  I Haven't checked if the code is used in some way.

My feature requests or call it improvements are still wanted by me in the official release wink
Here i'm talking about :
-- Specify which methods are used in case of a XAJAX_CALLABLE_OBJECT
-- In stead of supplying an object, just supply the class name as a string. This gave a speed improvement for me. 
-- Remove the javascript compiler function and use the google closure compiler ( )
    Using this compiler yields some little syntax warnings in the 0.5  release.. I haven't tried the latest version yet.
-- Make the dir of the xajax javascripts user definable in stead of a subdir beneath xajax dir.

The code is available.. just give a yell wink

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First off, great job with the framework, I love using it.

In version 0.5 I was able to give printJavascript() the root Xajax folder, but this seems to have been removed from 0.6. Can we see this come back? Right now I have to use the output buffering functions to capture the output and replace the javascript src with the correct URI.

Edit: I found the xajax configure() function did the trick.

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Could anybody tell me how to enable debug in beta 0.6. Very urgent.

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$xajax->configure('debug', true);


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Hi guys,

can you tell, when the beta 2 might be ready? Or is there some development release I could download. Some pre beta release? I would like to make a project of mine ready to use 0.6 but it would be best to use the latest version for that.