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We are happy to announce the Beta1 release of Xajax 0.6. This releases focusses primarily on PHP 5.3 compatibility and performance improvements. We removed all legacy functions and classes from Xajax 0.5 and added JSON support for requests as well as responses.

- removed deprecated legay functions and classes
- STRICT support in PHP5
- removed XML parser in xajaxArgumentManager
- updated constructors
- renamed loadcommands() to appendResponse()
- subsequent script/append commands are merged
- JSON response type now default ($xajax->configure('responseType','XML' [or] 'JSON');)
- request parameters are passed as JSON and not as XML

Known issues:
The new JSON response types current works only work with UTF8 encoded responses. Any malformed commands will result in an empty response.


Feature requests, suggestions and bug reports are very welcome.

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Alguma previsão para uma versão compatível com o PHP7???

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I think the newest version (0.7 alpha by Thierry FeuSeu) may be php7 compatable.

I'll post the question in thierry's thread and see what he says. Watch for it.


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Would it not be better to offer a stable version of 0.6 first? I found one beta only and nothing thereafter. I needed to abandon my project because the dropdown wasnt working in the manner I wanted. Now I wanted to try and found one beta. Sad story of this lovely project that failed and is now abandoned.

Not many examples were offered for people to use it and have a ready-to-go solution.

Most of then will be very happy to have a working version on 0.6 (instead of a beta) and have many more examples included as default, instead of going through a very complicated crash course on xajax.