Topic: HTML5 realtime browsergame

Hi all,

this has actually nothing to do with Xajax, but you might be wondering what a Xajax dev is doing in his spare time... I made a tiny game to play a bit with Node.JS and Socket.IO.

It's a multiplayer realtime browsergame using websockets and HTML5 canvas. It works best in Chrome and Safari. FireFox is still lacking of websocket support and IE... well, they didn't pay any attention to HTML5 yet. However, the next major releases of FF and IE are probably going to address that issue.

To cut a long story short, give a shot: NetTank - HTML5 realtime browsergame and spread the news. Invite your friends to play it, post it on FaceBook, Twitter, Dig...whatever. My colleagues are already playing it a lot during the lunch breaks. smile

Your feedback is greatly appreciated smile