Topic: Running Xajax with Linux

Xajax has been fantastic for me running on a dedicated server with llS server.

I now need to migrate some of my applications to shared hosting for cost reasons. Unfortunately the hosting industry seems to offer mysql with Linux and I can't get the Xajax to run. The llS offer typically comes with MS SQL and I have just spent a nightmare month writing a program to reformat the scripts which containt  1553 queries in total. I have just abandoned the project as a failure. MS SQL is not in the league of mysql and the risks of instability are too great.

Is there any hope of getting Xajax to run in a shared Linux environment? Can anyone out there give me any steers towards a solution. Migrating to another Ajax format would be more than a bridge too far.!


Re: Running Xajax with Linux


I have been running xajax on a Linux shared host for some years now with no hitches. I develop on a WAMP stack and transfer to the Linux host with no changes.

Other than your queries, what is your problem getting xajax to run?


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