Topic: Refreshing site in between ?

Good Morning!

Is it possible to refresh the site (show new content) in between the xajax call runs?

Here is what i do now:
The user enters a customer number.
Then many information is collected (this would last very very long).
The content is appended to innerhtml.
xajax object is returnd and site is refreshed

Here is what i want to do:
While collecting the customer information i would give back
the content i have collected so far.
e.g. Adress, orders that are open, orders that are done, .....



Re: Refreshing site in between ?


When you have called the xajax function there is no way that i know of to return interim information.

When your XHR request arrives at the server processRequest() grabs it, interprets the request and
calls your registered function.

Your function does whatever and returns a response object to the processRequest() function which in turn
replys to the browser.

How long does it take? I do some really large queries building tables on the fly and it doesn't take long...


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